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Skill Associés : Intimidate 

Taskmaster :
Prérequis :
Brutal Training, Novice Intimidate
At-Will – Free Action
Trigger :
You apply Brutal Training as a Training action
Effet : You may grant your Pokémon up to three injuries. If your Pokémon has at least one Injury, it becomes Hardened

Mechanic – Hardened :
Hardened Pokemon receive the following benefits :

  • They do not lose Hit Points from acting while Heavily Injured
  • Injuries beyond the 5th do not lower their Maximum Hit Points
  • If they have 1 or more injuries, they gain +1 to Critical Hit and Effect Range
  • If they have 3 or more injuries, they gain +1 Evasion and +5 Initiative.
  • If they have 5 or more injuries, they gain +5 Damage Reduction.
  • If they have 7 or more injuries, they are immune to Loss of Hit Points (but not damage) from all effects.
  • If they have 9 or more injuries, they resist all damage one step further.

Quick Healing : 
Prérequis : Taskmaster 
At-Will – Extended Action
Effet :
Your Hardened Pokémon may use Quick Healing to remove up to three injuries, and gains two Ticks of Hit Points for each Injury removed this way. 
Note : the Injury Removal from this Feature counts as Natural Healing, and thus counts against the total number of Injuries that can ben removed in a day.

Savage Strike :
Prérequis : Taskmaster
At-Will – Extended Action
Target :
Your Pokémon with at least 2 Tutor Points
Effet : The target loses 2 Tutor Points, and gains the Cruelty Ability.

Strike of the Whip : 
Prérequis : Taskmaster, Press
At-Will – Swift Action
Trigger :
You use Press
Effet : You may apply 1 or more of the following effects to the Pokémon hit by Press : 

  • Give the target 1 Injury and a Tick of Temporary Hit Point
  • Spend 1 AP and cure the target of Confusion, Infatuation, Rage, and Suppression
  • Use an [Order] you know with targets on the target as a Free Action.

Pain Resistance : 
Prérequis : Taskmaster, Adept Intimidate
1 AP – Free Action
Trigger :
Your Pokémon with 1 or more injuries takes Damage.
Effet : Your Pokémon gains X Damage Reduction against the triggering attack, where X is its Tick Value multiplied by the number of Injuries it has. This may be triggered once per Scene per Pokémon.

Press On! :
Prérequis : Taskmaster, Expert Intimidate 
Effet : Your Hardened Pokemon gain the following benefits, based on your Intimidate Rank :

  • Expert : When your Pokemon Faints, you may pay 1 AP. If you do, your Pokemon Faints at -30% Hit Points instead.
  • Master : While acting at 0 Hit Points or less, your Pokemon's Critical Hit, Effect Range, Evasion, Initiative, Damage Reduction, and Resitance Bonuses from being Hardened are doubled.

Note : Pokemon cannot use the Moves Explosion, Endure, Pain Split, or Self-Destruct while they have 0 Hit Points or less. Pokemon with the Soulless capability cannot benefit from Press On!

Desperate Strike : 
Prérequis : Savage Strike, Expert Intimidate
Scene x2 – Free Action
Trigger : Your Pokémon triggers Cruelty, or scores a Critical Hit with damaging attack.
Effet : Your Pokemon may apply the effects of Cruelty to the attack without expending Cruelty's Frequency. Cruelty's effects may be purchased as if the foe had additional injuries equal to the number of injuries on the user. Depserate Strike may be used once per Scene per Pokemon.

Deadly Gambit :
Prérequis : 5 Taskmaster Features, Master Intimidate
Scene – Free Action
Trigger : Your Pokemon is the target of a foe's damaging melee attack
Effet : The triggering attack automatically hits as if it was a Critical Hit. Before damaging resolves, your Pokémon may use a 1-Target damaging attack on the foe making the triggering attack as ana Interrupt, Frequency allowing, and also automatically hits as a Critical Hit. Damage for both attacks then resolve at the same time. 
Note : This effect bypasses immunity to Critical Hits on your own Pokémon, but not on the target. Though both attacks hit automatically and are Critical Hits, you may still roll to activate effects.

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